We are all curious, how did you become addicted to the sport?
The reason why I'm addicted to wake boarding is because I love the sport and how you can play in the water and in the sun all day with your friends. You can never ever get bored of it as a hobby and it's the best hobby of mine.

What is passing through your mind right now?
Going through my mind right now as I'm driving... I'm writing down the answers to these questions. I'm going to Boca Raton, Florida to go train at Ski Rixen USA with my little brother Yonel to get ready for worlds. 

5 things you can’t live without?
Well obviously food, water and my parents are already things that most people can't live without but five unique things that I can't live without are my little brother Yonel, my knee braces, a steam room, an iPhone and I can't live without an adrenaline rush.

Quote you live by? 
"The ones that make it are the ones that risk it."

"Challenge yourself every day and face your fears to get to where you want to be."

Have you ever read a “- for Dummies” book?
Yes I've read a book that was called Apps for Dummies. It was about how to make an application for your iPhone. It obviously didn't work.

What is your favorite day in the week and why?
My favorite day of the week would have to be Friday. It's TGIF "thank God it's Friday" and you can go out on Friday with your family, your brothers and sisters or your friends cause nobody has school the next day.

In my family we have a huge dinner every Friday which brings home all the family members. Also close family friends come. It's a been a family tradition since I was born and I look forward to it every Friday.

What were you afraid of as a little child?
Something I'm still afraid of today, I just don't think about it as much: losing a family member. It's always sad to think stuff like that.

Also I'm most afraid of the ocean and the thought of sharks being under my feet. It's weird that I'm into water sports because I'm always in water. One of my biggest fears is of the mystery of what is underwater and what can see you and you can't see them when you're swimming, that has been my fear for a long time. The idea of a spider on me could probably make me jump higher than anyone in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Have you ever made a decision by tossing a coin? If yes, which one?

Yeah, typically it would be with my little brother for what we do. Whether it's who goes first to try a trick or what we do during the day.

Which song do you sing along loud when it is on the radio?
I sing along to almost every Michael Jackson song and almost every time I do sing, everyone in the car tells me to be quit haha. I guess it's annoying, but who cares :)

What is the most useless thing you ever bought?

Probably a book when I was around 13 on how to get girls. I'm pretty sure it back fired on me and instead I became every girls best friend and never got out of the friend zone.